Valerian Root Tea Benefits

BuddhaTeas Valerian Root Tea Health BenefitsValerian is an herb that is commonly found growing in parts of Europe, Asia, and more recently, North America. This plant is gathered for its roots which are known to hold medicinal properties to them. For this reason, it isn’t uncommon for a remedial tea to be made from valerian roots. This tea is well known for its soothing abilities, however there are also some other benefits that can be found in this tea as well.

Relaxing Effects

Valerian root tea is most commonly known for its ability to have a relaxing and soothing effect on the body. This makes it a wonderful tea for those that suffer from nervous disorders such as anxiety, tension, stress, and irritability. Furthermore, this makes it useful in combating headaches and restlessness, which are often a cause of stress and anxiety. The relaxing nature of this natural herbal tea can also be beneficial for those that suffer from depression as well as those that are dealing with menopause.

Sleep Aid

Another popular use for valerian root tea is its ability to work as a sleep aid, which is why many drink this tea to help them combat sleep disorders such as insomnia. It is highly favored in comparison to over the counter medications due to the fact that it comes without the side effects that are to be found in many over the counter medications that are offered for these problems.

Digestive Aid

Other beneficial uses for valerian root tea is that it can help aid the digestive system and ease problems and symptoms that deal with this area. Since it works as a muscle relaxant it can be useful for use on problems like irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, as well as gas build up in the digestive tract. Since stress and digestive problems often come hand in hand, valerian root tea can work to ease both, making it even more effective than many other remedies available to us.

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