Valerian Root Tea: A Helpful Sleep Aid

BuddhaTeas Valerian Root Tea for Sleep AidOne of the most popular uses for valerian root tea is its ability to assist in offering a better night’s rest to those that need it. This is useful for those that are suffering from sleeping disorders such as insomnia, interrupted sleep, and more. Valerian root tea is highly preferred to over the counter sleep aids because it is an all natural herb drink that comes without the many side effects that are to be found in some medications.

Side Effects and Dangers of Medications

Many that find themselves afflicted with trouble sleeping end up turning to sleeping pills in order to rid them of their problems. However, some of these pills are hard to rely on and come with dangers that many are unaware of. Although it may be tempting to turn to a seemingly innocent pill that holds claims to easily resolve your problems, many sleep aids only work for short term problems. Furthermore, they come with unwanted side effects such as dry mouth, drug tolerance and dependence, and in some cases they can even make the problems worse. This is because many sleep aids do not address the heart of the problem and instead only mask the issue, not treating it all. Other common side effects that come with sleep aid medications are headaches, dizziness, muscle pain, and constipation. Sleep aid medications that contain antihistamine can lead to further side effects. Even more troubling, studies have shown that for those that rely on over the counter sleep medications their risk of death is increased by five times and their risk of cancer rose by over thirty percent compared to those that do not take them.

Using Valerian Root Tea

Valerian root tea has been found to be a much safer alternative. Studies on this herbal tea have shown that it can help prevent oxidation of lipids which can, in turn, reduce the effects of sleep disorders such as insomnia. This tea helps to induce relaxation in the body and promotes a better night’s rest for many. Although for some this tea won’t show effects instantly, sometimes it is good to remember that better things can take time. Valerian root tea is a natural remedy and comes without the unwanted side effects that are experienced with many sleep aid pills, making it a better choice overall.

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